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Meet Ashly

Ashly is the founder of Precision Advising and Consulting. She focuses on helping service-based small businesses and family farms understand their finances and how to be current and accurate so they can make sound business and financial decisions.


Ashly loves to help others, especially other small business owners.  She is passionate about the work and talent of each client and enjoys being her clients’ “go-to” person for all small business accounting, advising, and consulting needs. 


Outside of growing into her role as a rock-solid business owner, Ashly is a visionary for new ideas and thinking outside of the box.  She is all things organizational and motivational, and after braving the storms of being a small business owner for several businesses over the last 20 years, she now pours life into her clients and friends.

Ashly Lindberg, owner of Precision Advising, sitting at desk
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